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Bill and I feel so fortunate that we found MMS and have become so much a part of the school. You have played such an important role in not only our son's lives, but also my own. I can't express how much all of you mean to me. Your school made my move here so easy. I have come to learn the different roles each of you play in making MMS such a wonderful place. I couldn't ask for a better place for my children to have spent the last 4 years.

- Bill & Jen

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Events at MMS

Enrollment is still available in our Primary Classrooms. Please call or email for a tour.

November 9-13 Conference Week for Bear & Pooh
November 15 PTP meets Irwin home (7-9pm)
November 16 Quiver Farms Visit (Pilgrim 9:30)
November 24 Thanksgiving Feast (12:00 Dismissal)
November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

December   7   Mystic Drumz Performance
December 11    PTP Meets 7 Stones (9:30)
December  17  Holiday Shows  Panda 9AM 
                          Cub 10AM
                          Pooh & Bear  11AM

Kindergarten Art Corner at MMS 

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School Day at MMS

Education made fun

The educational classrooms begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm.  Morning sessions end at 11:30am.  Lunch program is available for half-day sessions and pick-up is extended to 1:00pm.